Things to do in Melbourne


When a person is visiting Melbourne, Australia there is so much for them to do and see. This area has a number of activities for those that like the city life and sightseeing. There are also a number of activities for those that enjoy the great outdoors. These are the top attractions to see in this city.

Australian Football

The Telstra Dome located on the Melbourne Cricket Ground is open for the weekend so people can watch Australian football games. Fans cheer on their team and there is a lot of energy in the stadium. A person can watch 16 different teams battle it out until there is one team left. There are over 97,000 seats and they often get filled up .

Melbourne Zoo

This zoo is the home of over 350 different species of wildlife. This zoo is spacious and will allow the animals to live in their natural setting. The zoo has an elephant exhibit, a number of trails for exploring, and popular animals that are often see in Australia. This zoo is home to koalas, kangaroos, and even wombats. It will take at least four hours to walk through this zoo and see all of the different animals.

Carlton Gardens

These gardens are also on the Royal Exhibition Building grounds have a beautiful to look at. The garden features a number of different and exotic flowers, trees, and even takes. There is a stunning fountain display as well. The Exhibition Building has architecture that dates all the way back to the 1800s. This building is featured on the World Heritage List. There is even the Melbourne Museum at the northern end of this garden.

Royal Botanic Gardens

botanic-garden-melbourne shrine-of-rememberance-melbourne

These gardens cover over 99 acres and are both beautiful and educational. While a person is visiting the gardens they can join the Aboriginal Heritage Walk or another guided tour that will take a visitor through these gardens. There is a craft shop for gifts that are made by hand. A person can also enjoy the view of the gardens from the Observatory Café where they can get lunch. During the springtime there are performances of plays in the gardens including Shakespearian plays.

Federation Square

This square is of the main attractions in downtown Melbourne. The square has a number of activities including nightclubs, movie theaters, restaurants, and even art galleries. This is the Melbourne Visitor Center as well as the Ian Potter Center. A person can check out the Australian Centre for Moving Images and look at the new artwork that is featured there. When a person is visiting this square they can go on a guided tour. This will ensure that they do not miss anything. The Square is located on the boarder of the Yarra River.

These are just some of the great things that a person can do when they are visiting Melbourne. This city offers something for everyone. There are a number of tourist attractions that will keep a person entertained during their visit.